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Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite

We are Indian exporters of Tan Brown Granite Tiles, Tan Brown Granite Slabs, Tan brown Granite Blocks, Tan brown granite cobbles and Pebbles. We also produce Kitchen top of tan brown granite, Vanity top in Indian TAN BROWN COLOUR GRANITE. Steps and Risers, Basins and other interior products are also custom made in brown granite. We also supply Graveyard stone and mosaic tiles made of Tan Brown Indian Granites. ASN Overseas OPC Pvt Ltd is a reputed supplier of Tan brown granite tile.

We are an exporter of tan brown granite tiles, also known as cranbury brown granite, copper antique granite, crystal mahogany granite, alliance brown granite, tuscan spice granite, chestnut brown granite tiles or Indian Brown Granite Tiles. These tiles are made in various thickness ranging from 12 mm to 50 mm and customised. The most demanded product is 18 and 20 mm thick polished tan brown granite tiles.

Packed in nice wooden crates, wrapped with thin polythene, these granite tiles are been exported worldwide

Tan Brown Granite Slabs are available in various size and thickness. we export two grades of tan brown granite slabs, they are Best Quality tan brown granite and commercial grade. We process tan brown granite and manufacture polished tan brown granite slabs, Honed slabs and various other finish of this marvellous Indian brown granite. The tan brown granite slabs are one of the most demanded products of the Indian Granite industry. We process both, the BIG SIZE blocks as well as small size blocks. The large size slabs are little more expensive but widely demanded by granite dealers and architect from Europe.

We are exporters of tan brown granite slabs, tiles, polished tan brown granite floorings. The Indian tan brown granite is mined from Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India. our specialisation in chamfered tan brown granite kitchen tops tiles makes us a better choice as a supplier of tan brown granites for projects. we are an exporter of tan brown Indian granite to USA, UK, Europe, Australia and the middle east.

We determine Tan Brown granite price, based on two factors; first – size and thickness of the product and second – quantity required.

Being one of the major exporters of tan brown granites from India…we are committed to providing the best product at a reasonable price. Be assured, we always charge wholesale price…but still large orders attract some additional discounts